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The aims of the JWU as Stated by the amended bylaws


  • Organizing and unifying the Jordanian women's efforts to protect their rights and achievements.
  • Facing all kinds of discrimination against women
  • Emphasizing the role of the Jordanian women in the society and empowering them in order to practice these rights as citizens on bases of equality, justice, equal opportunities and respect. 
  • Raising women's awareness about their role and stressing their participation in different fields.
  • Enhancing women's integration in the local society
  • Improving Women's social status
  • Eliminating all legislative, economic, social and cultural hindrances against women participation according to human rights conventions that the Jordanian government has approved and signed: in particular the convention on eliminating all kinds of discrimination against women, in accordance with the Jordanian national chart.
  • Activating the role of women to enhance Jordan's independence, the democratic process and the national culture.
  • Helping women to benefit from the family planning program and providing necessary child and mother care.
  • Enhancing women's participation in public life and strengthening human rights principles in general, and women and children's rights in particular.
  • Training women in different disciplines to improve the economic status of their families and to achieve economicindependence and stability for their children.
  • Eliminating legal, cultural and political illiteracy among women.
  • Supporting the Palestinian women and their national rights.
  • Supporting Arab women and cooperating with them to achieve common aims.
  • Assisting women all over the world in their just cases