The Jordanian Women's Union (JWU)


General Background

The aims of the JWU as stated by the amended bylaws

The JWU’s branches and centers

Membership in the JWU

Internal organization of the JWU

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Permanent committees of the JWU

The committees of the branches

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Permanent committees of the JWU


1.The Committee of Children’s Rights.

2.The Legal Committee.

3.The Committee to Resist Violence against Women.

4.The Committee of Interior Affairs.

5.The Committee for Fighting Poverty and High Cost of Living. The Committee for  Conserving National Culture and Independence

6.The Committee of External Affairs.

7.The Communication Committee


Each committee has representatives from the branches and is headed by a member of the executive committee. 

The different branches have the right to form their committees in accordance with the needs of the citizen’s and the areas they are active in.